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MBC-10 Stereoscopic Microscope

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Microscope with fiber optic and video attachment
Microphotographic device and microscope with camera
Photos taken with the camera attachment
2x lens attachment
Circular fiber-optic illuminant
Halogen illuminating unit
Schematic of all modular attachments
Magnification and field of view
Ordering information
Price Lists
Base model as pictured: $400
(with incandescent illuminator & controler 4x-100x)
Fully-configured: $900
(with fiber-optics, halogen, camera, doubler, video attachment- w/o video)
Incandescent light & controller: free
Circular, focusable fiber optic cable and head: $250
Doubler lens (100x to 200x): $50
Halogen light source and controller for fiber optics: $250
Microphoto-mount for 35mm camera (42mm thread mount): $250
Zenit-122 SLR 35mmm camera (42mm thread mount): $100
Adaptor for Nikon camera: $10 (other adaptors available from camera stores)
Microphoto-mount for video camera (you supply adaptor to your camera): $200
Video cameras (CCD) available from Sony or Samsung
Delivery time: 1 week when items are in stock in USA (generally) otherwise 1 month.
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