Gift Shop

Our gift shop is designed to help you manage the impossible
i.e. finding a gift for the person who has everything.
If the nicest person you know is yourself- you're in double luck!
There isn't an index. You'll have to browse by scrolling down the page.
Each item deserves a description and page
of its own to give you the true gauge of quality.

go to Dino Expo catalogClick button for CD-ROM Electronic catalog!

matriushka button Click button for Russian stacking dolls!

go to Russian timepieces Click button for interesting Russian timepieces.

dino coins button Click to see these interesting coins & medals!

go to Russian optics page Click to visit the incredible world of Russian optics,

go to dynamo flashlights Click to find a battery-free eternal flashlight!

Russian crystal paperweight Click to see a "very small" Russian "diamond"!

archbut Click to see beautiful architectural elements.

cypressbutton Click here for seeds for the most beautiful tree.

trivetsbut Click here for the perfect gift item.

go to Russian hats Click to view famous Russian headwear.

return to diamond tools index Click here for a gift for your hobbyist.

eggsbutt Click here for Hand-painted Ukrainian wooden eggs.
lacboxbutClick button for hand-painted Lacquer boxes.
lacminbut Click button for hand-painted Lacquer miniatures.
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