Gail Manning

image of Gail Manning
Gail Manning comes to us from the Dallas Museum of Natural History
where she had 14 years experience in collections (bill collections?).
There she learned to sharpen her speaking skills and is now principal
lecturer in The Russian Dinosaur Exposition.
(Ask her to say "Inostranicevia, y'all" four times very fast.)
She is trained as an entomologist. Her principal interest is in butterflies.
Her main scientific claim to fame occured on her birthday February 9, 1998.
She was 29 (again) and on that day violated the law of conservation of mass.
She stood on the scale and registered 127 pounds.
She was then handed a one-pound piece of Baskin-Robins' sinfully
delicious chocolate cake with the Mocha ice-cream filling and almond garnish.
She immediately gained four pounds thus violating the premier law of thermodynamics- "Mass is neither created or destroyed".
Warrants are now outstanding in five states.
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