20x to 50x "Zoom" Spotting Scope

Flawless, German-quality optics. Rubber-armored, hermetically-sealed body.
50mm lens, threaded tripod attachment mount.
Capture your image at a gigantic 20x magnification, fine focus,
then zoom in to a eye-popping 50x magnification.
A crystal-clear image allows you to count the eyelashes on a moose at 1000 yards.
20x-50x zoom spotting scope
Should sell for $1150 based upon the quality of the optics.
Actual price $115 plus $9 shipping & insurance.
This is a savings of 900% which means you can spend the other $1035
on that fine Austrian hunting rifle you always wanted.
(Disclaimer- we are not responsible for trying to get that story by your wife.)
If hunting is not your bag, use the savings for an airplane ticket to the
Alaskan wilderness and get intimate with a Brown Bear.
To order contact us directly at mammoth@htc.net

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