Dr. Alexander Alfredovitch Karhu

If this is anybody's exhibition, it is Dr. Karhu's.
Generally known as "Sasha", he is the supervisory scientist of this exhibition.
He organized the specimens, the catalogs, the photos, and managed the chaos.
He takes all the blame when things go wrong and watches politely while
everyone else takes credit for a suberb exposition.
Most importantly, he has sacrificed a year of his scientific and research career to make
this the largest and best exposition ever mounted by the Paleontological Institute.
photo of Dr. Alexander Karhu
Dr. Karhu's passion is birds.
He studies, classifies, hunts, shoots, eats, and photographs them.
When not involved in these activities, he studies their origins in the murky Mesozoic past
Currently he is presenting a theory about an ancestor of birds, Deinonychus.
This publication is not at liberty to reveal details prior to other peer-reviewed
publication, but suffice it to say it is a bit controversial.
Dr. Karhu is also one of the text authors of this publication.
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